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Who is Kevin Samuels Daughter? Complete Guide

Kevin Roshon Samuels gained popularity in 2020 as an American internet personality and image consultant. With his YouTube and Instagram live streams discussing modern society and relationships, he became a polarizing figure.

As you know much about Kevin Samuels but might be wondering who his daughter is. The answer is that he has a daughter named Grace. And she is very young. However, you can be sure that she will grow up to be a great singer and dancer.

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Who is Kevin Samuels?

If you’re a fan of social media influencer Kevin Samuels, you may have wondered who is his daughter. The online celebrity has been married twice and has a young daughter from one of his previous marriages. But, he hasn’t shared much information about his personal life, including his daughter’s name.

Despite his popularity on the Internet, Samuels has kept a tight lid on his personal life. He has even avoided any questioning about his personal life during interviews.

Before he became an Internet star, Samuels was an image consultant, lifestyle coach and dating expert. He has gathered a few Twitter followers and a million subscribers on YouTube. His opinions on brands, social issues, dressing sense and relationships are widely read. He has a following of 1.2 million on Instagram.

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Does Kevin Samuels have a Daughter?

Kevin Samuels is an American social media influencer and dating expert. He has been married twice and has a daughter from his first marriage. In spite of this, he has kept details of his personal life a secret.

When he was still married to his first wife, they shared custody of their daughter. But later in his marriage, the couple split. Although they were close, they did not get along.

When his family broke up, he decided to move to Oklahoma. He graduated from Millwood High School in Oklahoma and attended the University of Oklahoma. After graduating, he studied chemical engineering. In 2021, he dated model Brittany Renner.

Kevin Samuels is a controversial figure in the live streams, with people often arguing about his personal relationships. He also makes disparaging remarks about African-American women. This has riled many fans.

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Kevin Samuels’ Daughter

Kevin Samuels’ daughter is a mysterious figure. She was born on June 29th, 2000. This is only a slip of the tongue. No information on her birth mother has been released. However, Kevin and his ex-wife share custody of the daughter.

In the past, it has been rumoured that Samuels was dating a model named Brittany Renner. It appears that the relationship hasn’t worked out.

As a part of his media career, Samuels made numerous misogynistic comments about black women. This caused a lot of controversies. He was also a controversial figure in live streams. His views on relationships were polarizing.

Despite the allegations, Samuels and his ex-wife seemed to be best friends. They lived in an affordable luxury apartment in Atlanta. Kevin Samuels was a YouTube star. He started a self-titled YouTube channel on May 20th, 2015.

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Kevin Samuels Marriage Life

It’s a fact that Kevin Samuels is a very popular internet personality. He is a social media star and a dating advice guru. In addition, he has earned a net worth of $4 million. His work is a mixture of light fun and harsh facts.

Although Kevin Samuels has been married twice, his first marriage didn’t last long. His second one, on the other hand, lasted for almost seven years. When he decided to get married again, he found love with another woman.

However, he never pursued a third marriage. For his own part, he was very protective of his personal life, so he didn’t go into too many details. But, he did say that he was not on good terms with his daughter when he died.

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Fast Facts on Kevin Samuels

If you have followed Kevin Samuels on social media, you probably have heard about his daughter. While her name is not currently listed online, she is currently living in the United States. She was born on June 29, 2000, and is now 23 years old.

Her parents were separated when she was a child. However, she is the only known offspring of Kevin Samuels. When she was young, Samuels had a knack for fashion. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in chemical engineering. From there, he worked for several fashion brands.

He began a career in marketing and became a consultant. His YouTube channel quickly gained popularity. He posted motivational videos and business growth tips. Several of his videos were viewed more than 1.4 million times.

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What does Kevin Samuels do for a living?

Kevin Samuels was an American internet personality and image consultant. He began his career as a fashion stylist and personal shopper, working with clients to help them improve their appearance and style. In 2020, Samuels decided to branch out into the world of social media and began posting videos on YouTube and Instagram.

How did Kevin Samuel get famous?

He became popular for his controversial views and discussions on societal and relationship issues. His followers were drawn to his charismatic personality and his willingness to tackle sensitive topics.

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