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Who is Aria Ella Thornton? Everything You Need To Know

In addition to being the daughter of Young Dolph, an American rapper and musician, Aria Ella Thornton is also an American celebrity kid. After just beginning to make a name for himself over the past few years, Young Dolph tragically died in November 2021 after being shot and killed.

He left behind loved ones, including Aria Ella Thornton, his young daughter, whose fans wondered what had become of them after his tragic death. A discussion of Young Dolph’s daughter, son, and wife is provided in this article in light of his tragic loss.

If you’re wondering who is Aria Ella Thornton, you have come to the right place. This article will give you the information you need about her, including her age, her father, her education, and more. We will take a closer look at Aria’s life, career and music.

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How Old is Aria Ella Thornton?

Aria Ella Thornton is the daughter of the famous American rapper, Young Dolph. She is also the second child of the singer. He was shot in September 2017 in Hollywood, Los Angeles. A few weeks after his death, a memorial was held to honour him.

Young Dolph and his girlfriend Mia Jaye had a relationship for several years. They were dating for a while and were never married. Eventually, they got married. But before they had children, they were not together. Their relationship ended when Young Dolph was shot.

Initially, he was in critical condition with three bullet wounds. After a few weeks in the hospital, he was released. On the day of his funeral, Aria was able to attend the event and gave a tribute to her father. During the event, a bill was introduced to honour him.

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Aria Ella Thornton’s Parents

In the first half of 2017, a celebrity kid named Aria Ella Thornton was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Her father is a popular rapper known as Young Dolph. Among his hit songs are Major, By Mistake, Foreva, and Penguins.

It seems that the rapper’s father was always a part of his daughter’s life. As a little girl, Aria often accompanied her father to performances. She was even seen playing with makeup while her father was rapping in the background.

While Aria Ella Thornton is very young, her father has already made her famous. Not only has he helped his daughter get a name for herself, but he has also given her a foundation to build from.

Fortunately, Aria has a mother who is committed to helping her keep her father’s name alive. Her mom is a podcaster and social media influencer.

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Aria Ella Thornton Education

The daughter of famous rapper, Young Dolph, Aria Ella Thornton is a little girl who is growing up in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Mia Jaye, is a famous entrepreneur and a social media influencer.

After her father’s tragic death, Aria came into the limelight. She has been seen in many videos posted on her father’s social media accounts. This has allowed fans to learn more about her life.

When she was younger, she grew up in Los Angeles, California with her mother and older brother. She is now preparing to attend elementary school. However, her parents haven’t revealed her education or any other details of her life.

Although her mother, Mia Jaye, is pursuing her career as an entrepreneur, she is not interested in keeping her daughter in the spotlight. Rather, she is trying to protect her daughter and keep her name alive.

Aria is the Youngest Daughter of Young Dolph

Aria Ella Thornton is the youngest daughter of the late American rapper Young Dolph. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. She was 5 years old at the time of her father’s death. Despite being a child, she has become quite famous.

After her father’s death, she has been able to deal with the loss in a relatively easy way. Mia Jaye has taken up the role of a mother to her daughter. However, it is unclear whether she is a single mother or not.

Although her parents have not been married, it is believed that they have been in a relationship for several years. In fact, Mia and Young Dolph began dating in 2012 and the pair were married in 2016.

Even before their marriage, Mia and Young Dolph were in a stable relationship. In fact, they went on to have two children together. The son is named Tre Tre Thornton, and the daughter is named Aria Ella Thornton.

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Aria Ella Thornton’s Father’s Death

When Aria Ella Thornton was only five years old, she had to cope with the death of her father. It was a tragedy that left her young but devastated. After the death, the young girl has been up to many things. But she still has a lot of growing to do under her mother’s guidance.

Aria Ella is the daughter of famous rapper Adolph Robert Thornton. He was a hip-hop vocalist who released eight studio albums. His fans adored him and he had been in the limelight for quite some time.

At the time of his death, he was 36 years old and had been shot multiple times in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He was shot in a white Mercedes-Benz. The car was bulletproof, but he was wounded.

As a child, Aria Ella had an excellent bond with her father. She loved spending time with him and accompanying him to his performances. On the day of his memorial, she gave a heartfelt tribute.

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